TRAVEL GUIDE: Den Haag + Day Trips

20 thoughts on “TRAVEL GUIDE: Den Haag + Day Trips

  1. erlangga maulana says:

    Hai! I am Erlangga from Indonesia. Seriously your video is amazing. I have never been there before but I really want to go to Den Haag someday either for doing my Master or looking for a job. I really love the Netherlands, your video got me more spirit to finish my bachelor and go to the Netherlands as soon as possible. I wait for your other amazing videos 👍🏻

    Big love from Indonesia ❤️️🇮🇩

  2. TheDougVT says:

    I'm having a digital journey thanks to your outstanding videos. All the support from a Venezuelan who loves the Netherlands. I hope to visit this stunning country someday.

  3. Dutch Christian says:

    There is a small city in the Netherlands that isn't that famous. It is called alphen aan den rijn. In 2014/2015 it had the best fries in the Netherlands. It has beautiful old houses and a modern part. The historical squares with nice restaurants and bars. The Archeon museum that shows the Dutch history from the beginning in the fresh air. It is not only a beautiful city it is my city

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