Travel Guide Australian Outback

10 thoughts on “Travel Guide Australian Outback

  1. RV M says:

    Traditionally women are not allowed to touch a didgeridoo but tradition disappears quickly when it suits the aboriginals and money is involved. This is not racist it is realist.

  2. Colin says:

    Travel Outback Australia is an experience you will never forget – That is if you prepare. Lives have been lost in the outback through lack of knowledge, isolation and distance between towns, this mainly with International visitors. But if you prepare, do your homework, learn the extremes you will love the Aussie outback and survive …… Happy travels ….

  3. LightStreak01 says:

    This is fascinating. I'm American, never actually looked into Australia closely until recently. I'm a big fan of exploration through Google Maps, so one day I decided to check streets in Australia and I thought to myself "why do people only live on the coasts?"… and so I found about the outback o_O it's amazing to me that there's miles and miles of empty roads cutting through this desert. What must it be like to drive through that? WHat if you need to get food or water on a road trip?

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