Safety concerns and General Tips when traveling to Peru (Video 8)

44 thoughts on “Safety concerns and General Tips when traveling to Peru (Video 8)

  1. Elegant Junque says:

    Why are you scaring people around? Peru is like any other big city. Everyone who travels knows the rules of traveling to big cities. Anyone can get robbed if you are in the wrong places. Even in America.

  2. game walkthrough says:

    Armed robberies, assaults, express kidnappings, carjackings, burglaries, and petty theft are common in Lima. While gratuitous violence committed against foreigners is infrequent, assaults and robberies involving violence have been increasing over the last several years. According to the Peruvian National Police, 157,786 documented robberies occurred in 2016. The number of murders in Peru increased from 1,533 in 2015 to 1,914 in 2016.

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    Thank you for the valuable info, I've wanted to visit Peru since I was a little girl and soon my dream will become a reality. Always loved Latin America's diverse cultures and peoples. You are beautiful and very intelligent. Us indigenous women of the Americas are all sisters.

    I speak Spanish but my fiance doesn't, he's Chicano but was raised by whites. So I hope he will still be able to enjoy himself.. been trying to teach him.

  4. swimmindonut says:

    I'm traveling alone and listening to this lists of common crime is making me reallllly nervous 🙁 I've heard there's uber. Do you think smash and grab robberies can happen in Texi as well?

  5. cesar palma says:

    Con tus consejos asustas mucho a la gente que quiere ir al Peru, haces ver a nuestro país un lugar completamente inseguro para visitar.
    Debes enfocarte más en las cosas buenas seguro que son muchas más que todas las "peligrosas" que mencionas en este vídeo.

  6. skyclasp says:

    "Don't act paranoid?" Yeah, kinda of difficult to do after you've watched this video…

    From what I've heard, most people are saying Lima is overwhelmingly safe minus the odd three or four districts and that's after dark.
    .."if you're in a restaurant take your valuables with you when you go to the toilet?" No, I'm going to leave my phone, camera and wallet out on display in a busy restaurant. I mean come on, are these tips for like a 8 year old or something? The only place in the world you could get away with doing this is probably Iceland or Norway or Japan where theft is virtually non-existent.

    Most of the advice you give here applies to alot of places in the world.

  7. Nathan Asgill says:

    Another tip is always carry a dummy card with like $50 on it so in the event u do get robbed the most you lose is the $50 and pre paid cards are good for this! I've even seen people copy there own cards onto mobile top up cards and have the real money there lol.

  8. JC Chavez says:

    I've had the privilege and pleasure to travel abroad to India, Brazil, Japan, Europe, Mexico, Chile and Perú (more frequently) and I've only felt unsafe and robbed in Barcelona. I'm not saying that Barcelona Spain is bad, but Spain and major European capitals have a large gypsy problem and just saying to not be overly comfortable in first world countries as tourists are just as targeted as they would be in third world countries. Just use common sense when it comes to safety and be aware of your surroundings.

  9. Dirty Dan says:

    PLEASE READ: I was born in peru – live in america (visit back every 4 years) when I was 16 my cousin & I got approached by 6 teenagers who put there arm around us as if they knew us. The didn't make it obvious but they clearly wanted our stuff, we showed them our pockets and had nothing so they left us. If we had ran away or fought back (we were right around the corner from my aunts house) would they shoot us? DO THIEVES IN PERU CARRY GUNS OR KNIVES? Maybe adults but are teenagers like 16-19 likely to carry weapons with them?

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