Travel Tips: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Sonia’s Shoe Packing Guide

38 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Sonia’s Shoe Packing Guide

  1. Astrid Yuliana says:

    Hi Sonia. I am traveling for 1 month on February. And what I will do basically is work at the hospital and traveling on the weekends. Could you make a video on how to pack all these necessities and also the shoes to bring and how many? Thanks! 

  2. Jorge Villalobos says:

    How about comfortable shoes that men can wear in the winter/rainy season? I'll be doing a study abroad program in Europe this coming winter and I've been advised to take good rain shoes that won't slip. Unfortunately, I don't know what would be a comfortable type of shoe I should take for that. Please help! 🙂 I love your channel. It's quite inspiring.

  3. TK says:

    I noticed you never mention flip flops. I think they are essential on every trip because you need a shoe to go to the beach, to the hotel swimming pool, staying in your room and especially to use the bathroom of hotels or hostels.

  4. Rimu N says:

    I take multi purpose shoes. For instance, Timberlands/military boots: (Come rain, come sunshine, come hikes, come simple walks, come running away). Plus, they look good with skinny jeans and shorts. (These tend to be the ones, I wear on the plane.
    Cute ballet flats, can be dressed up, down, and anyhow. Looks cute with jeans, dresses and skirts. I've personally had a pair of tims that have lasted years! (Walking, running, motorcycling, etc)
    Rubber flops/crocks/slippers – I use mine for showering (I cannot shower barefoot, absolutely not), walking, going to the beach, letting your feet breath, etc. Also look good with shorts, jeans, pajamas, etc. I tend to buy the sturdy rubber ones that are a touch fashionable. I don't by the flip flop types because they break easily. 

  5. Katie Boydpratt says:

    going for 2 yeaars for a work and travel have to some how get from 4 pairs to 2 haha wish me luck i have work shoes going out shows for day and night like you said, flats and warm dressy casual boots  

  6. brimstone33 says:

    'Barefoot' style shoes (very flat and flexible) are excellent for travel. They pack much smaller than others and, once your feet are 'conditioned' to barefoot walking & running, much less tiring. No insole needed. Vivobarefoot is my fav. I have a pair of dressy black, a semi-dressy ankle boot and a running shoe with removable neoprene inner that quadruples as shower/beach/plane/slipper shoe. I only pack carry-on.

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