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  1. Josey Z says:

    Will be going to Amalfi end of September for 2 nights. Can anyone who has been there recommend which town should I stay for two nights? Pretty please. There will be a group of 5 of us going together.

  2. adil keskin says:

    Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul. One of the most beautiful travel destinations of the world. Very much looking forward to your video since you do a beautiful job wherever you go.
    Thank you.

  3. peter rob says:

    It is every bit as beautiful as people say.We did the whole Amalfi coast and Capri.Beware Italian drivers do not stop at zebra crossings ?used half of my nine lives up jumping out of way.Buses are packed in peek season ,impossible to get on.We took boat trips.Add to your bucket.

  4. Régine Masoni says:

    Toutes ces vidéos sont merveilleuses, un grand défaut cependant: pourquoi les commentaires ne sont ils pas dans la langue du pays visité, puisque de toute façon il y a des sous titres???

  5. kevinfitz89 says:

    We and my wife just got back, I had to watch videos like this because I miss it. We rented a car and I had the pleasure of getting to drive it myself.. Although the italians are super confident/dangerous drivers so if you can't match their confidence I would just bus tour instead of drive yourself. But its a sight un matched!

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