El Salvador…a family destination

32 thoughts on “El Salvador…a family destination

  1. Earthworm Wørm says:

    I live in El Salvador this video bring me so much memories because back then in 2009 I went there and I saw everything it was really beautiful that was my first time seeing it as a kid!!❤️

  2. Luz Quintero says:

    Loved your video. I am going in a few days and it just got me even more excited. Thank you so much for sharing. Cant wait to go home and show my husband this video. Quick question. Where is the coffee tour located at? I would like to go to a coffee tour. Thank you.

  3. Trip on THIS ! says:

    Ok it's beautiful but it's got some issues, gangs? murder rate? I think the resort was great but they have 3 levels of security on the resort and its gated. Must be a reason for them to have all that security. The country has a problem with gangs, the bus ride on the way back to the airport had 2 armed security police. The gas station that had a rest stop at on the way to the resort had police watching , for no reason? I bet you did not go out at night. It's getting better, but don't make people think they can just go out at night with no issues.


    the importance of our living and existence in this world is to never forget where we come from and where we heading,thank you for showing my home country where I keep on coming back time and time again

  5. benjo says:

    My dad is from El Salvador but my mom is Swedish and I'm born and raised in Sweden. Thanks for the video, despite never having visited I can sense a feeling of being at home. Would love to visit some day!

  6. truchapride7 says:

    I'm watching this video as I'm waiting to board on my flight to El Salvador! This video is amazing, it's time to show the beautiful side of our country!!! God bless El Salvador 🇸🇻!

  7. Noel Reyes says:

    As a Salvadoran-American, thank you for showing a side of my country that most people in the U.S. never get to see. I wish the media would learn some lessons from people like you, and then maybe we would all realize that were not so different after all.

  8. Project BRE says:

    I saw a super cheapo flight to El Salvador. I almost immediately said no, but then I checked YouTube and found this. Really considering it now. So basically outside of San Salvador, it's safe?

  9. alan orellana says:

    OMG!!!! I didn’t know El Salvador had all these hidden gems, looks like a place to spend a full month of summer. I’ll definitely put it in my top three bucket list. Thanks for the video Shane!

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