SOLO TRAVEL TIPS: How to find free & cheap accommodations!

49 thoughts on “SOLO TRAVEL TIPS: How to find free & cheap accommodations!

  1. In the Wander Years says:

    Omg couchsurfing is amazing! I felt like travel was way more fun when I was couchsurfing and meeting cool people. They sometimes would even show you around and you sometimes stay in really interesting places! … so good! Thanks for another great vid!

  2. Mark Hilton says:

    I will be using Airbnb for the first time next week in Darmstadt, Germany. I can't wait. 3 blocks from the barracks I was stationed at in the army. Going to bring back some great memories..

  3. Soley Pas says:

    Thank you for your advice on taking care of pets for free stay! I didn't know that 😉

    BTW, who do you support your travel cost? what about your job and stuff? Do you have a video about it?


  4. Sandy says:

    im so excited! After saving all my money for months i finally got to order my first passport today 😀 i cant wait! Now all i need is to get a call from the place that i applied to work at and im set to travel!

    ps: great advice TJ!

  5. SeeKaysee says:

    Wooo! I love this! Your tips are actually super helpful and different from the other travel videos similar to this. Like, negotiating on airbnb? Yasss girl. I did not know diz.

  6. rakkkar says:

    I love you that much as well 😘 These tips were great! I for one spent most of my money on food myself hehe and I am lucky enough to know lots of people worldwide so I've always got a place to stay at, like during my month long travel to Canada just very very recently. Finding friends everywhere and just getting into conversations with strangers can definitely help you find cool stays everywhere. I've heard really good things about WWOOF as well so that is one thing I wanna check out in the future but the rest sounds so interesting as well, especially if you like meeting people like me! Thanks for your hilarious video, I had to laugh at the breakfast table but keep it together as not to get tea everywhere 😄

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