30 thoughts on “Japan travel guide – tips and tricks

  1. Huikwan Cheung says:

    Something important to tell those who said Japanese food was awful, Japanese food in Japan and Japanese food in other places are totally different. Japanese food in somewhere else is basically not Japanese but something they "newly invented". Too naive, for example, in Canada most Japanese restaurants are operated by the Chinese or Koreans, which is not what you call Japanese cuisine

  2. 松島駿毅 says:

    Iam going to make a guest house in japan for cheapest price. like Ryokan,
    First,i will built in Fukuoka.

    If you come to Fukuoka,and i have a free time,i can help your trip of Fukuoka.

    Have a nice trip,

  3. Satoru Yagi says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a short but lots of good info for visiting Japan.   Am sure you made a lot of  "Kilroy was here" remarks on the pictures you took there….. not on the monuments or walls….like one of your ancestors famously done.

  4. D Belle says:

    I did have Japanese food, but also, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Japanese food taste awfully compare to those. Chinese is not that good either but at least it is better than Japanese 😉

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