48 thoughts on “Sapporo Japan Travel Guide

  1. Harry Snipe says:

    Hey man, loved the video, love your hands even more. I lived in Sapporo and thought your place selection was great. I hope you also got to check out Mt. Moiwa. Saiyonara tips fedora

  2. Rosita Chua says:

    Hi Chris, you know I never noticed your hand gestures until I read the comments. I was busy concentrating on what you were saying and showing. I think your videos are one of the best. They are very informative, loud and clear, and it isn't shaky at all. Most of all, you do answer questions put to you and offered tips to your viewers. Keep them coming. I enjoyed your videos so much that I had subscribed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. emtee 22 says:

    lolololol wtf like 4 comments in a row about the hands??? okay guys the hand movement isn't really that noticeable except for when he was at the table at the beer museum. C'mon now..

  4. ladyamerias says:

    being a former agent. it would be a definite shock to see that on xray. i would probably laugh though. i don't think the bosses would be amused. it would have been up to them for the judgement. nice video

  5. Hanson Nguyen says:

    I'll be in the Hakone, Hotel Okura, and Mt. Fuji area. Still have tons of planning to do in 3 more weeks! Do you have any tips on other places I should visit? And also, would pink cherry blossoms be bloomed around that time? Thanks again!!! 🙂

  6. VirtualHorizonz says:

    lol great vid mate…can you please tell me, what are the prices like in the airport? Heading up from Tokyo in March & wondering what bus we should book to head up to Kiroro. One that allows us time for lunch at the airport or not.

  7. Charlene Lee says:

    Just saw your video and loved it. We're going to Tohoku, Hakodate and Sapporo in October with a tour group and will have two days of free time in Sapporo. You mentioned the shops and food court at the airport and I was just wondering – are they before or after you check in our baggage and/or pass through security?

  8. Liam Nguyen says:

    Thank you! 
    I watched your video before I headed to Singapore and it was really helpful. I'm headed to Tokyo in July, but probably will drop by Sapporo in 2015! Wasn't originally going to, but thanks to your informative video, I'll make a stop by for sure now haha. 

  9. Tom Fotheringham says:

    Great video. I'm actually visiting there right now and don't feel like I actually need to leave my hotel room. I've been up the antenna using google earth and I've bought a can of Sapporo beer from the 7/11. 

  10. Lord Cao Cao says:

    I love your videos! Question about Hokkaido in general. Whats the best way to travel for about a 2 week stay. Me and my fiance are doing a 60 day tour all around Japan, and with Hokkaido being a big place is a rental car the best option? Or is there a reliable JR transportation system there?

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