25 Things to do in Toronto Travel Guide

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  1. John Smith says:

    Top tips for tourists

    1. Get a citypass – it bundles most of the major attractions into one price and is cheaper than buying tickets separately, plus you get priority entrance to the attractions.
    2) visit the CN tower first thing in the morning, the queues get crazy literally 30 mins after opening
    3) visit Ripleys aquarium at night – the aquarium is open til 11pm some nights and is really quiet so you get chance to look around without the hustle and bustle
    4) get the UP express from the airport to downtown – it costs $15 so is much more cost effective than a taxi and cheaper
    5) visit St Lawrence market – it really is the best food market in the work and a good place to get great, reasonably priced food
    6) go to Tim Hortons for coffee and breakfast – Toronto is super expensive, Tim Hortons isn’t. The coffee is awesome, the egg muffins are wonderful and the doughnuts are perfect.
    7) get a TTC pass – it gives you access to the subway which runs uptown/downtown and also the streetcars which run across town. Your feet will thank you.
    8) if you’re struggling with jetlag, make the most of it and go for a walk at night – Toronto can be hectic and everyone seems in a rush. Going out after 3am you see the city at it’s beautiful best and feel like you have the city to yourself.
    9) give yourself at least day to visit the islands – they’re pretty big and it’s a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the city

  2. NAHIM AHMED says:

    Thanks, guys whom made the wonderful video. I love the country as a world top beautiful, peaceful etc. i am missing it too much. soon i will settle here because next year i will come here to complete my undergraduation rest samester. i am living a shite country and wait for the day when i will start living there. missing a lot the city and all innocents people over the country. God bless all

  3. Yvette Bessels says:

    There is a long-running (free entry) antiques market every Sunday just behind St Lawrence Market. Definitely worth a visit – I find something every time I go 🙂 I would also recommend High Park. There is a good play area for kids, a giant off-leash section for dogs and a small (petting) zoo.

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