10 Surprising Reasons to VISIT AMSTERDAM | Budget Travel Guide

28 thoughts on “10 Surprising Reasons to VISIT AMSTERDAM | Budget Travel Guide

  1. Kurt Nowak says:

    Of all the cities I’ve been to, Boston, New York, Miami, Montreal, Seattle, Vancouver, Honolulu, I never felt safer than strolling through Amsterdam. My wife and I could even go to the RLD at night and simply enjoy the beauty of the magic of the architecture and lighted canal bridges.

  2. Rik Speek says:

    Yeah… When cycling…
    Don't get in our way…
    It's a mode of transportation to most normal dutch people trying to get from A to B. You'll see business people in suits taking bikes because in cities it's usually just faster than a car ride would be.
    Heck, the majority of trips taken in cities in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, are done by bike over car actually. Especially if you don't count public transport, which is usaully pretty good in and of itself.
    Also. If you can manage it and cost is an issue. Try not coming in the weekend when alot of Amsterdam is quite alot more expensive.

  3. Machine Gun Jerra says:

    "You're not supposed to smoke in public"

    Eh, wrong. It's not illegal to smoke marijuana in public. It's only forbidden in some small parts (like the touristic parts), but in 99% of all of Amsterdam you can just relax and smoke some weed πŸ˜‰

  4. Suze Cato says:

    I live in Amsterdam and when you said "rent a bike" I immediately cringed, haha.Glad you added the warning there, we can get very grumpy when tourists do not know how to bike! Also a tip: IJ-hallen is an amazing flee market worth visiting in Noord!

  5. beachman831 says:

    Amsterdam is my favorite city! So much to offer, so beautiful, quaint, very friendly people, GREAT shops and museums. Been there 3 times in one year! BTW…you guys are very sexy! πŸ™‚

  6. Nizwa Angle says:

    I just wish I could go back to Amsterdam again πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜­.. my tip would be, if you wanted to visit one of the museums in Amsterdam just make sure you buy yr ticket online..cuz it's so hard to wait for a long time in a long row of ppl.

  7. Mike Hawkins says:

    So glad you've expanded your coverage of Amsterdam beyond the food and weed videos. I was there two weeks ago and loved just wandering around. While I loves me an excellent restaurant (Restaurant Daalder in the Jordaan) or a good coffeeshop the best part of my stay was wandering around and just talking to people. Oh.. and the NDSM Werf because I love street art.

    I only spent 4 nights there. I need to get back for an entire week.

    Also, rent a bike

  8. Imtiaz Farooq says:

    I recommend using the map and walking everywhere. I stayed in the Jewish quarter so was 30-45 mins walk from most of the main sights. Walking will allow you to explore the city and you'll be surprised at the stunning architecture you'll see that isn't in a travel guide.

    Nine Streets is a place I'd recommend, it's not far from the foodhallen and each canal street is more beautiful the the one before it.

    You can't go wrong in Amsterdam. Such a beautiful city that you'll have a great time no matter what.

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