Travel Tips: How to Pack Cables and Chargers

19 thoughts on “Travel Tips: How to Pack Cables and Chargers

  1. Prashant Khanolkar says:

    Your best attribute is your calm voice, that is what makes the review more enjoyable. Also the videographer does a fantastic job of bringing things into focus and out of focus back on forth to align with the commentary. Superb.

  2. Philippe Rostin says:

    I just dont understand you people. If you have a laptop with usb's you can charge simutaneaously as a minimum, your phone and your watch while charging the computer at night when sleeping. To transfer files from your camera to your computer, just remove the card, load it in the computer and save them, you dont need a cable for that. Etc. etc. etc…. I never travel with more than 2 or 3 cables and only because my camera doesnot charge if plugged to usb do I have to carry its charger ! Minimal weight and stuff is the rule, not more bags on bags !

  3. Jee B says:

    I personally do it a bit different when I travel. I almost always bring my laptop. So I have this one pouch that has my laptop charger, a wireless mouse, and an external hard drive inside. It goes with my laptop. I have another pouch that has my lightning cable, a micro usb cable, my powerbank that can give about 2-3 full charges on my phone, and some earphones. So these generally go with my phone and ipod. So if I'm just going out somewhere, I just carry this pouch, and if I'm going to some cafe to work on stuff on my laptop, I take both pouches.

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