Taiwan Vacation Travel Video Guide

39 thoughts on “Taiwan Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. briantravelman says:

    I spend 2 weeks in Taiwan earlier this year, yet still feel that I haven't really been there at all. After rewatching this video I realize that what I explored was just the tip of the iceberg. I regret not spending to a month, to get to truly know the island, but even a month might not have been enough to cover everything. Even this video didn't show everything this incredible island has to offer. Though it was nice seeing some of the places I had visited, I realize now just how much I DIDN'T see. I normally don't like to return to the same country twice, but I think Taiwan is a place I will have to return to some day. Although I saw A LOT, I also missed out on A LOT. Next time I will stay in Tainan or Kaohsiung and explore more of the southern and Central areas. Taiwan turned out to be FAR more interesting than I ever imagined. There are very few countries in the world where every little corner is worth visiting. And if it wasn't for the bad climate, I would even consider living there.

  2. Linda Navroth says:

    EXCELLENT! After watching a lot of travel videos of China, Japan, and South Korea, I have to say that I think Taiwan has some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. Just moved this place to the top of my bucket list.

  3. Blair James says:

    It wasn't the Chinese who messed with the aboriginals – on a massive scale, at least – it was the Japanese. The Chinese pretty much left them alone for 300 years. The Japs frickin' gassed them with mustard gas, because they couldn't take some of the fiercer tribes. Oh ya, the Japs stole all the GD trees too.

  4. ETsonggalaxy says:

    Malaysians were the FIRST pioneers of Taiwan,  NOT the Chinese.  The Filipino roots are NOT from the Philippines –  they are of the Malaysian tribe.  The Filipinos were named  after king Filippi of Spain.  The FIRST people of America were the American Indians ( NOT of India)  and the Mexicans had these states: California,  New Mexico,  Az.,  Colorado and  Texas.  These are true facts,  not old wives tales.   Most of the states named have cities named after Spanish history.

  5. victor badu says:

    Que excelente video ! quede enamorado de tanta bellesa y tanta cultura, no se que decir , fantastico el formato , hd, muy bien logrado , felicidades , me escribire ahora a su canal, para seguir viajando !

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