Surviving Venice Tips: 9 Top Travel Tips for Venice

23 thoughts on “Surviving Venice Tips: 9 Top Travel Tips for Venice

  1. theuniplex says:

    The only place in Europe we got ripped off ….our hotel over charged us the tax per person she should have charged 2 dollars per person she charged us 12 per person cash only (6 people)…..we fought her about it but she would not let us checkout of our hotel until we paid …we contacted the hotel and got our money returned …also our water taxi driver tried to over charge for our already paid water taxi …we ended up walking away from him after he dropped us off at the train station and telling him to get a police officer we were not paying him again …so be very careful in venice they will rip off the tourist if they can !!! And keep all,your receipts and ask for a receipt …

  2. shadowofasmile says:

    Gary, thank you very much for the video! Sure I checked the cruise website as soon as you mentioned it and now I am re-planning my visit to make sure I spend the "cruise" days away from San Marco! Plenty to see and enjoy in other parts of the town…Great video, solid advice! Subscribed.

  3. Smudge White says:

    Your videos are great – very informative.  Thrilled to be going back to Venice this October, looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful city and planning already – your tips are really useful, thank you for taking the time to post them!

  4. juan monge says:

    All the leather goods and the ties are made in China.
    Take the water taxi down to the casino. It was actually closed when I went , but it is a very nice neighborhood. I spent half a day there just walking around and having lunch.

    Venice is All touristy. Don't expect alot of local experiences.

  5. Bao Pham says:

    Very nice info clip but it is also one of the most annoying guide I have ever watched mostly because you have a hard-and-fast voice plus the background music sometimes outvoice you.

  6. Wayne Harris says:

    We have been to Venice twice….that is enough…..too crowded and the only time we had any peace was at daybreak. You hit the nail on the head with this review….thanks for "warning" the others.

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