10 Best Places to Visit in Kyoto! | Japan Travel Guide

40 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Kyoto! | Japan Travel Guide

  1. John J. Rambo says:

    Kyoto was actually almost destroyed by America with the atomic bombs. It was one of the prime targets for the A-bomb.however, one man who spent his honeymoon there decades earlier and loved it convinced president Truman to use a different city in its place. So instead it was Nagasaki that took the fate of the bomb

  2. Rodrigo says:

    I've been to Japan 5 times and I also recommend everyone to visit Kyoto. You can check out a few videos and photos on my youtube channel and on my instagram account @bokuwaronin.

  3. chrislawyer2009 says:

    Kyoto was an incredible city, one of the prettiest I've ever seen! This guide helped my Dad and with our sightseeing adventures last October!

    Out of curiosity, what song is played during the Ginkaku-ji and Philosopher's Path portion of the video? Would love to know. Thanks!

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