Tips for Traveling Alone

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  1. Jim Green says:

    I have a couple of things to add: first, stay at youth hostels, in that they're far cheaper than most hotels, and they take in people like yourself who are traveling alone–from all over the world; #2 is to keep a log of your trip, and make it as detailed as possible–I'm talking to the point of ridiculous. You'll appreciate it in years to come, and it's a good way to share the details of the trip.

  2. Mariposa Papillon says:

    More tips:
    Go the movies.
    When you dine at a restaurant, sit at the bar.
    Go to a festival — while researching your destinations, check to see which cities in the countries you wish to travel to have festivals happening. Montreal, for example, has lots of festivals all year 'round, but last year I specifically chose mid-July to catch the Just for Laughs Festival. If you smile and laugh, you will not be alone long. In New York City, I go to comedy clubs.
    Go shopping (read: browse), especially in department stores, and be sure to try on clothes in different sizes. That will give you the chance to converse with a salesperson on topics such as the sizes in his or her country. You would be surprised what a question such as "Give it to me straight; this [insert type of garment] is too tight on me, right?"

  3. Mariposa Papillon says:

    I dig most of your tips. However, one tip is a non-no. Never unpack your luggage on a bed, including the other twin bed in which you're not sleeping. Reason: IF there are bed bugs anywhere on either bed, they'll be traveling with you back home. Alternative: Unpack in the bathroom, where bed bugs are least likely to be hiding and crawling around (they prefer wood and soft surfaces rather than tile and porcelain).

  4. okza chan says:

    I'm gonna travel alone after 6 days , I booked my stuff through Airbnb that's why I'm scared like how can I trust a stranger, although the places I booked had pretty good reviews I'm still scared

  5. Stylish Loser says:

    i wanna go to South Korea this summer so bad , but in my country there are no group trips to korea so i will be travelling solo as my first trip ever, i don't fear the ''loneliness'' just the procedures since i got no experience and facing any problems when i get there since you don't need a visa and the fact that i have a blank passport and i heard some people get sent back home ( ._.) i am trying to be independent but i truly am clueless and close to giving up …

  6. Marc Bryant says:

    yes that's very smart to share your real-time experiences on social media when you're thousands of miles away and your house is unguarded…. in case you can't tell I'm being sarcastic that's a big No-No

  7. R S says:

    I don't fear traveling alone I want to share memories with somebody make it more rememberable but everybody my age is married already and broke

  8. Brandon Sikkila says:

    How does one 'couch surf'? Do you just approach random strangers that look friendly or is there some type of etiquette to it? Someone please elaborate. Danny, I know you didn't talk about this in your video but many have here in the comments section..

  9. Cris Yorke says:

    To be honest, nobody actually care that you're dining out alone. They might notice it a while and get back on with their minds and friends. I have travel alone many times and it is really nothing to be afraid of. If you have questions regarding the directions to the bus/metro/hotel/attractions/etc just ask anyone there that looks friendly to you. Happy traveling!

  10. mhkq 786 says:

    Very good tips as a solo traveler I can totally relate and for me reviewing my day at the of end that day traveling helps with feeling less lonely whilst traveling. It helps to understand the journey and appreciate the small details.

  11. Eva Bergant says:

    travelling alone seems so scary to me. even when I hear about it – pictures of kidnappings and being lost and dying come to my mind. I bet if I got out there alone I would get crazy from all these fear:(

  12. MyRandomCommentsXD says:

    Sitting alone in restaurants for me is okay, the not okay is the walking part. I often felt like I was some kind of friendless weirdo when I walk in and stand alone for a table. But it became nothing after I did a few times.

  13. Elisha K. says:

    I'm traveling alone in Rome, Italy. I wanted to see the colloseum (which I did – today). Only problem is that I still have 3 days until the trip back home. (As the Beatles "From all our mistakes we must surely be learning"). Anyhow. Thanks for the video, and tips! much appreciated!

  14. yves-st Dorian says:

    true about the grocery store. i like to go to local grocery stores like Tesco ( London), Carrefour ( istanbul, Bali, Jakarta ) and many others. we can see the actual costs of the foods there. and i bought lots of spices and sweets in carrefour istanbul than at Grand Bazaar coz it's cheaper there.. the local delicacies in their food court are also cheaper than at the restaurants. and most of all meeting local people. although not many turkishs can speak english..

  15. BenRangel says:

    My biggest tip for lone travellers: Stay at hostels or go couch surfing.
    Never stay alone in a hotel – that will just make you depressed.
    Meeting other people is the one thing that will truly make travelling alone enjoyable.
    Living in a hostel for a week is the best way to make new friends. (Especially if they organize some common activity, like daily surf lessons that naturally make you bond with the group)
    Couch surfing is probably the best way to genuinely experience a foreign culture, cause you're actually living with a native in their own home.

  16. BenRangel says:

    You can have some amazingly cheap vacations if you travel alone and have a flexible schedule. If you're able to grab a last minute flight on an odd date (like a weekday in October) you can save like 90% on airplane tickets and you'll almost be guaranteed to get a cheap hotel room. Or you could always try couch surfing, which is so much easier when you are alone.

  17. Susan Baker says:

    Great tips Danny, thanks! I would add that it's good to do a quick check the 2nd bed for bedbugs before putting luggage on it (probably good to check both beds actually!). See Anthony Melchiorri on "Hotel Impossible" for details. One experience with these critters is enough to make you super careful about bringing home unwanted guests!

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