Israel Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

37 thoughts on “Israel Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

  1. Cathy Sherman says:

    They made a mistake in regard to prices in Israel. There is a 17% tax, which is built into the label price, but tourists can save all their receipts and take them to a tax office at the airport when they depart and get a complete refund of this tax. Otherwise, prices are not that much higher than in the US, except in very upscale shopping areas. Also, It's safer than most countries, including the US.- much safer than New York City or Los Angeles, as long as you stay out of Arab areas which have signs stating the area is forbidden to Jews. If you come off-season, car rental is much cheaper, as are many hotels etc. The Dead Sea, Jordan Valley and Tiberias areas are quite warm in the winter due to their location in the lowest part of the world.

  2. supernatural2029 says:

    I found your video and I wish that you could speak slowly but it seems to be nice to go to Israel.. I hope one day to go to there… and it seems to be expensive according what you said. I heard that you can find cheap places to stay like monasteries or something like that.. but I am not sure.. and shalom from mexico

  3. Luke Hartung says:

    Ahhh I just went to Israel and made it to Jerusalem, the Red Sea, and Eilat and it was crazy seeing you in all of the same places. We camped out at the base of Masada in those flats and it was amazing. You should try it out

  4. Coco T says:

    A trip to Israel is on my short bucket list. I've been trying to convince my girlfiends but they aren't ready to be blown away. I might have to get new friends. Lol

  5. JC Bravo says:

    Great video.
    I'm going to Israel soon and would like to visit Petra in Jordan as well.
    You state that there is a boarder crossing in Eilat.
    I'm from the US and know I am required to have a Visa to enter Jordan.
    Do you know if I can get a Visa at the boarder crossing?

  6. Olga Naluz says:

    hey 🙂 thanks alot for the tipps! have just recently decided to come to israel to finally see it!
    have you ever went to Amman in Jordan? From Google I see it isn't far from the Dead Sea and was wondering if I could take a stop in Jordan
    much love from Germany!

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