Dubai travel tips DOs DONTs PROs CONs

14 thoughts on “Dubai travel tips DOs DONTs PROs CONs

  1. Cindy Grey says:

    Lady, you need to get your information correct before you put out a video. A lot of what you said is incorrect. Do NOT show your shoulders. Do NOT show cleavage at all. You can only wear shorts and a bathing suit (no thong bathing suit bottoms) on a beach for foreigners. Do NOT wear see through clothing. Do NOT show your underwear or bra under your clothing. Cover your legs down past your knees. Men cannot show their bare chests and must cover their chest hair. DO NOT show any public display of affection. Do NOT hold hands or kiss in public. Do not be hanging all over each other in public. Most non muslims cannot go into a mosque unless it is a public mosque. Women must cover their head in public mosques. Do not be intoxicated in public. Always follow the rules about their dress code and behaviour in public or you could end up in jail. Women, always bring a scarf/pasmina with you to cover up when necessary.

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