Riu Cancun Hotel, Cancun, Mexico – Best Travel Destination

6 thoughts on “Riu Cancun Hotel, Cancun, Mexico – Best Travel Destination

  1. Abztract Isight says:

    I have gone 4 yrs in a row. This hotel has awesome staff; but for the room cleaning staff make sure you have a do not disturb sign or they wake you up early. And the Riu is a 5 minute walk (if you are not excessively drunk) from the clubs: Coco Bongo, Mandella Bay, and the best club THE CITY! No need for a cab. Also the door man & the luggage staff, saw that I was still waiting for my booked ride to leave for the airport. One of the Riu staff used his own cell phone to help me get to the customer service department for the booked car. When they still didn't show up, the hotel staff found me a cab at a cheap rate. Thanks to Riu staff, I just made my flight. Had I waited for the booked ride any longer, I would have missed it. THAT is how much Riu staff care about their guests!

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