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  1. Masseyana muliagatele says:

    My wife and I have six figure jobs and 3 kids, with a home that's worth $300,000 in Australia but worth $950,000 in Auckland New Zealand. Cost of living here is just too much. Safe for kids and everyone, beautiful views where ever you go.
    Beautiful place but like always the rich have to go and kill it for everyone.
    Visit Auckland just don't pick this place to live.

  2. pratap rao says:

    I was there in New Zealand last year and going there again this year,one of the most beautiful country and Queenstown is just out of the world. I wish to stay permanently …..

  3. Callum Macpherson says:

    I've been dreaming of living in a different country and New Zealand came to my mind. Just wondering how it is to actually live in New Zealand and are there many job opportunities in the country aside from agriculture? Thank you 🙂

  4. Sam Holloway says:

    I live in Hawke's Bay NZ its quite boring here, nothing like Rainbow's End. I so want to head up to Auckland to try out Rainbow's End because all we get is a water theme park Splash Planet

  5. ravi sahye says:

    going here in June I cant wait any recommendations for a traveller. Got a long journey as im in the United Kingdom have to get 3 flights to NZ. I go out from manchester to dubai then dubai out to melbourne. Then finally from melbourne out to Auckland.

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