Top 10 travel tips for Melbourne, Australia

21 thoughts on “Top 10 travel tips for Melbourne, Australia

  1. Maryam IM says:

    Melbourne take the most liveable city in the world. and guess what?? transport is not good waiting 20 minutes and at the end there is no transport in this platform😠😠. I visited tokyo last year and the transport is amazing actually in one second you get your bus. the metro station and the bus stops is around every zone in Tokyo nothing called this no transport in this platform. And the Internet is bad waiting 2h to upload a voedio is a lot of time.
    I know every city in the world has a little bit of problems. But the transport and the Internet is a really big problems which need to be fixed.

  2. DonovanJonesAdventures says:

    Totally agree with the internet speed! It takes us at least 2 hours to upload our daily vlogs, so a lot of pre-planning as needed as you said. The coffee would have to be our absolute favourite too! We are always trying new cafes πŸ™‚ Awesome video guys!
    Siobhan and Danny xx

  3. Miwa Uno says:

    Aw that was such a great video!! I guess it really sucks to awlays have such a moody weather.
    BTW I have always thought Australia has HUGE spiders, deadly snakes and sharks. πŸ˜€ How often do you encounter these?

  4. Moonlight Mist and Memories says:

    Hello Osito , my fine furry friend ! Sorry about the long winded message buddy , as you well know , too much caffeine and writing really don't mix , I'm bad ! Hope you , Nic , Rachel , and of course Ms Tosunni had a great Easter ! ( ^ . ^ )

  5. Leigh-Anne Marie says:

    This was so interesting! Some aspects of the public transit are definitely really annoying, but it's still so much better than 95% of American cities haha! The salary levels and 4 weeks off sound incredible, I'd love some additional vacation πŸ™‚ awesome video!!

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