Travel Tips: What to Pack in your Daybag

25 thoughts on “Travel Tips: What to Pack in your Daybag

  1. autumnruns says:

    I always keep a Turkish Towel in my day bag. I've used it in my carry-on as a blanket while flying, as a scarf on a chilly day, and as a blanket for an afternoon picnic in a park.

  2. Rabeea Awan says:

    hey……I love that u yep u support scarf…..its veryyyyyy help full……and lovely….all the points mentioned in your video…..loved your video……and btw from where r u

  3. Explore the wonders says:

    Sonia you are a life savior thanks to your videos I was able to have a wonderful first trip outside my country (Puerto Rico) I traveled to Orlando to visit some relatives and trust me your videos made me pack less for more days 😀 

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