10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America (日英字幕)

33 thoughts on “10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America (日英字幕)

  1. TREY RIVER says:

    on language it's few Americans who enjoy the pun quite as much as the Japanese seem to at least from some of the media I have seen. they even have puns in kanji which is kind of like having a pun by spelling error or incorrect spelling in English would you guys happen just not a lot

  2. Alex Lacount says:

    We don't offer an apology even if we hurt someone, but we will help them get to a hospital or at least contact an ambulance for the person in most cases. It might be a collective thought that doing something is better than a hollow apology.

  3. 4th dimension says:

    Also, thanks white guy for perpetuating stereotypes about Black Americans. Fuck you very much.

    My sister has lived in Japan for over a decade. I've spent about 5 weeks over there. White American males over there are so obnoxious.

  4. HERPY DERPEDY says:

    me living in USA and my friends as well are like "OOH MOTHER RUSSIA UNION OF LANDS ONCE MORE VICTORIOUS THE RED ARMY STANDS!!!!" and don't be Stalin me cause I'm Russian for food but apparently there's a good chance of hail and recently I had a gas leak but Jew don't have to worry cause my Fürher fixed it leme get my Jewish girlfriend grabs ash pan 😀 wonder how much I can offend

  5. Deandra says:

    tbh you don't need tips coming to North America, many restaurants of your choices and practically anything to do & the races and everything are diverse (more than Japan) and you don't need to speak formal but just come here and it's easier if you know English 🙂

  6. Trevor Neve says:

    I thought the article was somewhat true in a way yet those are just things that are frowned upon in their culture. Don't get me wrong. I respect the Japanese culture, but we are just different. That article seemed to focus on the negatives of America and generalized it at the same time. I do believe that the author of that article had quite a bit of bias in their writing. I don't really care if that author feels that way because they have the right to their own opinion, however I do disagree with them allowing their opinions in that article. That may cause a bad image for Americans to other countries thus leading to needless hatred and fighting.

  7. galacliva says:

    I work for a Vending Machine Company. We rarely have any problems with not giving out the product. and the whole polite driving thing. Depends on what state your in.. I'm in Texas and most people on the road don't give a fuck about you.. i lol at the whole America's saying America!!! Cough IN AMERICA!!! But food being bad or lack of Taste to it. depend on the place you eat.

  8. Michela Mangiaracina says:

    I actually read that article. I thought it was kind of cute and interesting. Just someone's individual perspective and positive overall. You can't tell that too much from the headings for each point but can get a better idea from the details. There were also a couple of other related articles in the same style on the same site from the perspective of tourists to America from other countries that were also interesting.

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