Cost Of Living In Medellin, Colombia ” Tourist Guide”

37 thoughts on “Cost Of Living In Medellin, Colombia ” Tourist Guide”

  1. director1111 says:

    If you have to make your living in Medellin, you're probably not rentaing a $3800 penthouse, you live in a shitty to normal barrio, where people are not always smiling to you, moreover when you are comin from USA. One thing is to stay for vacations and keep your life in your tourist bubble, a totally different is to live there a total regular life.

  2. Marc E says:

    You've given me faith in a black man to travel. I was kind of nervous about travelling, but you make it seem so lit. Colombia def seems affordable. Thanks for the video man and i am def subscribing

  3. Nathan Jones says:

    One of the best travel reviews i have watched on YouTube by far,,, visually an very informative. Had a girlfriend back in 2012, who came from Medellin (which up until today i thought was spelt Madajin LoooL!). Thank-you for making this vid an all the helpful info shared. Keep-up the good work bro!

  4. hammertlme says:

    Ha, seems like yall are trying to spend as much money as possible. I guess that's how you make some of your money though, doing videos of these adventures but no regular people would do all this everyday unless just on a 1 week vacation tops.

  5. Raf Zero says:

    It's crazy if you think about it. You and your boy could have bought 2 tickets to Bangkok , have a wild night and flown back for the same amount you spent for 2 bottles at an over priced club! BTW check Agoda for tickets, because I fly to Thailand for about $520 round trip.

  6. GlenGorgeous says:

    Awesome video. His monthly expenses would exceed the gross salary on a per month basis. Nonetheless, point well made that he’s living in a good place for a fraction of the cost in the states.

  7. TheoPatrick Talley says:

    Real Talk, this video 100% has changed my life. From the Chicago area (Gary, IN) myself but I've been living in Dallas area the past decade. Been retired (disabled veteran) since I was 27 years old and I 34 now. Needed a major change in my life. Between my VA & SSDI my monthly income is $4700 USD ($13.8 million COP) tax free. I travel a ton internationally and honestly Columbia was never on my radar. After watching this video I booked a flight to Medellin to see if this was true or not. OMG, I fell in love and I am seriously considering getting a vacation home in El Plabodo. Malls area amazing too. I been sharing this video like crazy. I hope I see you in Medellin one day, I owe you a bottle. Also, the narrating and editing for this video was great!

    Trying to network with cool people who also are looking at relocating. Hit me up TheoPatrick Eugene Talley on FB or TheoPatrickTalley on IG.

  8. TheTruthQuest123 says:

    I like how low iq people love patrionizing those of us who make less money than them. $40k but you make it seem like thats low, and that anyone that makes $40k is like on the bottom of the ladder. Every single place I have ever lived at $40k was a respectable salary.. I have worked for 17 years now, and the most I ever made was 31k

    Disrespectfull cunts

    Im a walking talking enyclopedia, I just hate bussiness and capitalism, Im way smarter than you, but you think you know shit, cause you make more money than me

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