Travel Guide: El Salvador

46 thoughts on “Travel Guide: El Salvador

  1. Fernando E. Menjívar says:

    I'm subscribed to your channel from years ago and I watch videos from your channel every week and until today I see this video. Not hard to guess that I'm salvadoran. I never thought one of my favorite YouTube channels will make a video from my country. Thank you guys!

  2. TJ Devereaux says:

    I'm Canadian, been there 7 times (I'm here right now). Do NOT believe all the lies about the violence, it in only one small area, but the country in general is stunningly beautiful, people are super friendly, and the beaches…ahhhh the beachs….paradise on earth!

  3. Valeria Vargas says:

    all of guys are so scared, El Salvador is a great country and I live here and thank God nothing has ever happened to me. It depends where you go in El Salvador and what areas are dangerous, if it was such a horrible and scary country then there wouldn't be 6 million people living here.

  4. Alvaro Alas says:

    it's funny how some of you are talking about solely about the violence in el salvador because i have news for you america has violence too is not just about disneyland because you guys have to have your stupid guns and you guys love to kill people don't you? i love my country you retarded haters

  5. Roger Miller says:

    doesn't the video mention that without a driver you can't go anywhere because you risk (at least) to be robbed? the country is beautiful, but you have to be careful. This video sounds like if you're going to disneyland

  6. Anthony Perez says:

    I am dying to visit and explore its culture and background despite its bloody history. The only intimidating factor is the violence i am always reading about…any feedback for a solo traveler?

  7. nismo93436 says:

    I was born there and have not been back since 92. everyone i talk to just tells me the bad stuff about it (gangs) but i would love to take my wife and daughter so they can see where i am from and share that beauty. i dont know much about it either since i came to live here when i was 7. can anyone share if its safe or not?

  8. RandomCrowbar says:

    Wow I can't believe they did this over El Salvador… when I tell my friends my background they say "is that a city in Mexico" I always have to explain the difference :/…. thanks WatchMojo for doing this bit.

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