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  1. Maria'S Life says:

    I just found your youtube channel today.. and i have seen the most of your videos already!! I'm from Cyprus but im studying in Athens, Greece 😊 And I just LOOOVE your enthusiasm!! Come to Greece or to Cyprus (if you haven't been yet) because if they taught me one thing in Cy, is that you can never ever have enough food 😂
    P.s it's Friday night and we are watching your videos with my friends, kisses from Athens ❤


    i am greek and i wanna poind out some things! ( very nice vid btw)
    1 no if you are called malakas in greece means that you do something wrong. I dont know stuf that stiupid turistes do, like stoping in yellow light ( this can couse AN ACCIDENT) let the pedestrians pass, drive slower than 93858284756 km/s, if you feed the cats at the tavern, if you use the word EFHARISTO without pronounsing it corectly, saying things about america like it is the heaven and PLEAZE dont put socks with your sandals
    2 we hate the fact that stors close at noon to! wtf do you wanna sleep? you cant! do what you are payed to do!
    3 you know islands take about 1/5 of greece! just by going to turist traps like the parthenon mikonos and saDorini you miss out on very nice plases and you have your wallet raped for no reason ( just go to metaxurgio lol) but yea if you go to the islands , espetialy those near the apes, guh i mean turkey (JUST A JOKE ) you will have to whait 12 hours
    4 avoid mikonos in general. I am from mikonos and it is AWFULL
    5 this is the reason you sould avoid your granny if you are greek and you have a cold
    6 it is calld J-I-R-O-S not gyros and it is called KALAMAKI. north greeks call it suvlaki and they must be retarded lol
    7 tip if the waiter deserves a tip lol
    8 if you leave in greece, move out in july and come back in dekapedavgustos
    9 dont be a lasy american tourist. You traveld half the world to eat mcdonalds? it is fake JIROS and it is gonna give you canser. If you eat junk food in Greece, go to Goody'ies. It is muts better! AND FOR GODS SAKE DONT EAT MC JIROS ! IT IS A TURIST TRAP COMPARED TO REAL JIROS! IT TASTES AWFOUL!
    10 busukia are EXPENSIVE
    yea i think thats about it, i am realy board lol. VERY GOOD VIDEO BTW KEEP THE GOOD WORK

  3. David W says:

    With extensive coastlines and islands, an ancient culture and being the birthplace of the Olympics, Greece is indeed a fascinating land to visit. However, there are a number of crooks in the country targeting tourists in the country http://travelscams.org/europe/common-tourist-scams-greece/

    Do be wary of the what time is it scam, pickpockets, ferry tickets scam, would you like a drink scam, photo taking scam, ring scam, free flower scam, fake products, unpriced menus, faulty motorbikes, no taxi meters/rigged ones, taxi touts at airports, fake police and many more!

  4. It's Me says:

    Chris I don't know why but you are soooo funny👌i like your videos for greece and plss don't stop doing this wonderful work!
    Love from Cyprus ❗️😚

  5. vkigkos says:

    no1 correct but after the 3rd day. no2 Siesta does not exist anymore no3 correct no4 CORRECT no5 correct but we have sun and awesome food you will not need any medicine and do NOT ASK ANYONE for DRUGS they will not send you to a pharmacy but to a dark alley instead! no6 CORRECT no7 CORRECT no8 CORRECT beach bars in Athens are open till October:-) no9 Greekmac its a burger with garlicless (lol) tzatziki in a pita bread. no10 Go with a greek and practice your belly dance skills in advance! GOOD JOB Chris!!!

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