Istanbul – Travel Guide FULL HD

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  1. Ahmet Poyrazoglu says:

    greece is a fake nation with fake history, and they are dying under this weight, thats why they are in decline. Greeks are not hellens, they are just a bunch of ottoman rums(orthodox christians) from anatolia, arvanites(albanian christians) and wlachs, All their history is fake like their fake national albanian hero, kolkotronis. They have stupid propogandas like Agia lavra, krifo Sholio, which never existed in ottoman history,. They still think 1821 was a national rebellion, which was not

  2. Brian Stephens says:

    is it safe for someone like me who is of armenian ethnicity to visit turkey. im from uk. turkey and armenia are not the best of friends due to politics and the armenian genocide dispute. so if people in turkey like the locals might ask what background i am, will they get angry if i say im armenian? 

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