Brussels, Belgium Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

29 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

  1. Martin Kent says:

    Lovely stunning freewheeling capital city. Did you know that in Brussels many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children and that many of these parents are civil servants? Youth in Belgium deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear in Brussels. The World Health Organization, Road Safety Office, feels that law-abiding streets and highways, are long overdue in Belgium. What do you think? The freewheeling federal family phenomenon, is not very compatible with the headquarters of the EU and Nato.

  2. Martin Kent says:

    A Bruxelles, un grand nombre de parents ignorent les regles sur la circulation lorsque leurs enfants sont avec eux, et bon nombre de ces parents sont des fonctionnaires. En la Belgique, les jeunes meritent d'etre entoures de fonctionnaires responsables, consciencieux et respectueux des lois; leur avenir en depend. Si nous doublons les amendes routieres dans les capitals, nous verrons apparaitre des rues et des adultes respectueux de la loi, ce qu'onΒ  attend depuis longtemps a Bruxelles. L'Organisation Mondiale de la Sante, Bureau de Securite Routiere, estime que le respect des regles sur la circulation est souhaitable depuis longtemps, en la Belgique. Que pensez-vous?

  3. Tony Hanna says:

    is Brussels really scary or are things just blown out of proportions on the internet? I'm planning a visit to Bruges this summer but I'm a bit hesitant. is it really infested with "sketchy unwanted foreigners"? lol> would love to have feedback from locals.

  4. Husshhhh100 says:

    bruxelles is not a safe city, the police is totaly incompetent and the so called politicians failed to protect their citisens , they dont care about the locals !!! bruxelles is becoming a marseille like city due to iresponsable policies. So thank you political corect `politicians“ and mayors ..

  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    Belgium is not a State. Belgium is a nation which we in Europe should care deeply about!
    A country with no identity. An fucking country, will soon be European only in name. A state with a great history of child molesters and eunuchs politicians

  6. Tired AF says:

    Beautiful renaissance architectures and wonderful food created by Europeans, so stop posting it on twitter as some kind of proof that its not a hellhole, because Trump said it was indeed beautiful, what are people even trying to say? it is now a Islamic hell-hole like trump said, jihadi capital of Europe.

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