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  1. kilimanjaroICE says:

    You did a good job on this and a fair presentation of Dar. Born and raised in TZ and am not a big fun of them squatting (arabic style) toilets either!!

    Dar is changing and with Magufuli as President things will definitely improve and future tourists will enjoy Dar and TZ even more.

    Karibu tena Tanzania Dada!!

  2. cherishdeb says:

    Sis i am going to nairobi this summer and am planning to go from nairobi to dar….via bus…like a riverside shuttle or taqwa bus….do you think i should take the bus there and then fly back? I want to take the bus for the views….from nairobi to arusha and moshi….then stop….and then go from moshi to dar….the next stop

  3. Natalia McCray says:

    Hi Chrissy !

    Thank you for such amazing information as I found it very helpful. I am planning a trip to Dar Es Salaam and I am wondering where did you stay? I look forward to hearing from you.



  4. Abel Castillo says:

    Thank you! The squating toilet was something that i did'nt spect! We are in a design competition where we are designing a hostel for Dar es Salaam, do you have any particular advice for us? Thank you in advance!

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