Beginner Travel Tips | w/ Rachel Ballinger

25 thoughts on “Beginner Travel Tips | w/ Rachel Ballinger

  1. Mu Brunheira says:

    First things first. Rachel has kind of swimmer body, my God, super hotie! Alright, to the point now, very good tips. Very good video πŸ™‚ By the way, about making friends travelling, alright, i tried hard sometimes and even harder than i should but unfortunatelly there are people travelling who's afraid of something or just don't wanna…you know, make contact to "foreingners" or whatever, thats sad =. Thumbs up πŸ˜€

  2. Lila Alejandra says:

    Any tips and ideas for a single mother of two kids (13 and 10 years old) who are planning to travel the world and do world schooling? Any blogs or forums I should look into?? I am on very low budget so I am planning on doing lots of volunteer work, woofing, house sitting, etc. What about moving from country to country (like in Europe) Any car pooling websites you know of? Any thing that can involve sharing transportation or very cheap transportation?? Thanks a lot guys, very much appreciated!

  3. Sam Singline says:

    Hey love love your videos ! I am going on my first ever trip overseas in 2 months and was wondering you could tell me good apps or websites for booking hotels, finding things to do /eat and last thing in your packing video I loved your power plug that was all in one for every country do you remember where you got it ??? Thanks !! X

  4. Grofflin says:

    I have traveled one time in my life and I didn't make any of these mistakes. We got there 2 hours early, we rented our car, we made it to our condo (we rented it) and they signed us in really quick, we didn't overbook our day and we had a really great vacation. Did any of you make those mistakes because those just seem like stupid mistakes to make.

  5. stephanie odet says:

    Hi Nadine, I love all your videos, My dream is to be traveling around the world Β but the money is a problem hahaha, so I have a question for you… What do you do to travel a lot? All your travels did you paid by yourself Β or what do you do?

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