Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide

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  1. DilipMagarGurungRaiLimbu Gurkha says:

    may i know how can i become citizen of Indonesia?
    I am from the Himalayas Nepal but i love Indonesia, a country with thousands of islands.
    I want to become citizen of Indonesia. Is there any way i can become Indonesian citizen?
    Greetings and Namaste from Nepal.

  2. Bravo Bali Tour and Transport says:

    Bali is a paradise island in Indonesia, it has a concept named Tri Hita Karana which means a balance among three different things, such as: Gods, Environment and Human, these three major things have to be balance in creating a harmony in this life. This makes Bali become most visited island, for we know how to respect human to Gods, human to environment and human to human. i'm a Balinese, and I'm glad to intruduce you more about Bali. Cheers… "Agus Balinese Guide"

  3. Rika Sumanto says:

    Bali island is a wonderful place among any other tourist destinations.The island is well known for its traditional way of life in daily activities.seminyak,legian,kuta and sanur are main tourist seaside areas and ubud is well known for its village peaceful can see balinese traditional dances such as tari topeng,tari pendet,tari gopala and etc.the most interesting dance is tari kecak in uluwatu temple sitting and seeing the sunsets while watching the dance.for local cuisine try bebek bengil,lawar and babi guling in ibu oka and sate lilit.

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