26 thoughts on “Huntsville, Alabama – travel destination video

  1. Jay West says:

    I know people might like living in Huntsville, and I'm not trying to dog the people who enjoy it, but this place is literally the most boring place I've ever lived in my life. I've lived in smaller towns in the UK too, but its still more boring here than anywhere I've ever been.

  2. Cali Fornia says:

    Now usually I'd protest comment against ppl like Portia Brew-Hughes from Aliceville going to place like Lemoore and shouting ignorant anti quiet statements and how more of a stupid person can get in corrupt behavior but this video is pretty so wow it really is interesting.

  3. carli dolphin says:

    I was raised there living in Houston Texas now I'm trying to get back as often as possible and trying to move back as soon as possible I was actually born in Athens which is really close but pretty close go back on Thanksgiving and Christmas but I'm only 13 so I can't officially move back on my own

  4. Will Grello says:

    i used to think this city was boring until i joined the army and have moved around alot. The city of huntsville is great who else can say they had one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind working among us von braun and huntsville changed science and the world forever. huntsville built and engineered rockets that have taken mankind to the moon and beyond and we have a rich music scene. i cant wait to go back to huntsville.

  5. phazon4 says:

    There a reason why so many people in huntsville al do heavy drugs there's absolutely nothing to do here every so-called attraction here is very old and out dated I dont even think it should be called a city its really just a place for middle aged and old people to live that do dont like to go out or do anything

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