Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona | Spain Travel Guide

27 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona | Spain Travel Guide

  1. ndorib says:

    Thanks for mentioning the issues with disrespectful tourists. I live in the Gothic neighbourhood and it's very annoying. Gentle people you're 200% welcomed 😙😙

  2. Cat MacLeod says:

    Very good guys, we are an international motorcycle tour operator and Barcelona will be one of our new arrival and departure cities for 2018. We've scouted it ourselves and you've nailed a couple of things we insist on and also had some other really good ideas. Looking forward to drinking the tinto again and cheering for BARCA!

  3. Rachel Brewster says:

    I lived in Barcelona for the past two years. When my friends would visit, I would always bring them to Casa Batllo, and walk them through the different neighborhoods, pointing out the architectural differences that distinguish each one. And – when tourist season hit – I would take them on the half hour train ride to the beautiful beach town of Sitges (easier to get to than Costa Brava, and better in my opinion – a scandalous opinion to have, I know! 😉 ).

  4. CHRIS FABIAN says:

    Hey guys! My wife and I love your channel. We are fkying to Istanbul to Cappadocia to Amsterdam to Santorini to Barcelona to San Sebastian to Madrid to Fez & Marrakech Morocco for a month long trip. Just got myself a Mavic Pro drone and could benefit from any tips you may have in terms of proper transport through airports. Just curious what your experiences are traveling with a drone and if I will need to do anything before I start traveling to these countries. Cheers! Thanks for doing what you do.

  5. Steve Davis says:

    I'm looking forward to the end of September when Barcelona local people get justice in all terrorist barring orders, to remove them permanently Barcelona is a romantic city culture not controversy, also people in England are right never give up on Spain why not be an investor it's stains business not anti socialist Europe, I will have my clairvoyant services there and get a room to do work and have my own Spiritualist, private, services and teach meditation on afterlife in the coming three years, no mam as any right to interfere in government it's better than all of Northern Europe and I can do my business permanently three visits, each year, all my years, that's my proposal to Barcelona I work as a medium connecting with the other side not just the future readings, also do distant future healings, thanks for listening medium psychic and Spiritualist Mr Steve Davies on0874592316 mystic George

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