Travel Tips: How to Survive Staying at a Hostel

41 thoughts on “Travel Tips: How to Survive Staying at a Hostel

  1. Tanna Schrick says:

    I already thought of taking house shoes, no over packing and no taking anything I ever want to lose… but there's things I didn't think about.

    This is my first time staying in a Hostel, I don't know much of what to expect, so thank you for the tips they're definitely gonna help me out a lot

  2. Guy D says:

    Good tips. But just one comment: Some hostel rules won't allow sheet bags; they require you pay a 'linen charge" for the use of their sheets. So, check the rules of the particular hostel you are staying at. Most can be found on line.

  3. gypsyvanneraddict says:

    Here a better way to survive…



    Seriously- I just can't- never have and never will-

    It's never okay. I am a bit of a hotel whore- as in I can't get enough of a good hotel.

    Anything involving a communal bathroom is enough of a deterrent-

    The wildest I'll go when traveling is to a Bed and Breakfast-

    Yes- I'm spoiled. I highly recommend avoiding the Hostel scene- plus there tends to be a crime element…

    I know I'll get killed in the comment section…


  4. Quarty says:

    The only problem with sheet is that some hostels don't allow outside bedding because of the risk of bed bugs. Not sure if a light sheet like that is an exception.

  5. jjmb1986 says:

    Hello you did a video a while back that I can not find. You mentioned some apps to find cheap airfare overseas to go to other places when in another country can you tell me what video that was. Thank you so much. Jeanie

  6. Rose C says:

    I'm curious. With all of the backpacking/hostel/budget travel videos out there, nobody ever shows packing food. I thought the purpose of backpacking and doing hostels was to travel very cheaply through Europe, yet no one brings any dehydrated/freeze dried food, granola bars, airsealed tightly in small bags to fix while in the hostel. Could you explain why this is omitted?

  7. kyeoptawerk93 says:

    A lot of the hostels I've stayed in (i studied abroad in prague) had lockers where you could use a card key to lock them with. And you could always skip showering if your stay isn't too long. I've stayed in 5 or 6 hostels and they were all very good and safe. Don't be afraid of hostels just find the right ones ^^

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