1. T N says:

    I disagree about 'take your time'. We visited this summer and nearly got run over on several occasions by locals. I was shocked at how rude the were and how dirty London was. However, we will visit again, maybe in the off season to see more of the outskirts.

  2. brochestedbs says:

    I'm sorry, but your opinion of coffee is YOUR opinion.  In my (British) opinion, British coffee is pretty good.   Café Nero is really good for a chain.   If you want the best, find an Italian restaurant.   I've visited USA 4 times and your coffee is generally appalling !!   It's much too big, it's too weak and it's bitter.   But that's my English opinion.  Obviously coffee is a real matter of opinion.  My advice is (to you Americans) – if you like the usual big American coffee, you may find UK coffee a shock.  If you like Italian restaurant coffee (proper coffee), you'll like British coffee, but you will find a great range of quality.

  3. Dt 854 Project 854 says:

    Stay out of Zone 1, the best places to visit the much cooler and creative scene is Portobello, Shoreditch and Spitalfields, and Islington. For walks I would choose Primrose Hill and A walk along the canals of Islington and Kensal Rise. Yes if you come to London you want to see the big buildings but most of the culture is from the areas I've listed.

  4. ABC_123 says:

    Go outside London for the real England. Spend a day at Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury, go to the Peak and Lake districts. Go to Oxford or Cambridge. Visit Snowdonia in NW Wales. Go to Inverness in Scotland and on into the highlands. Spend a day in Brighton. Go to Winchcombe in the Cotswolds. Visit the new forest in Hampshire. Save your money in London as you waste so much time and money there and travel The UK.

  5. ABC_123 says:

    Innit! Is short for isn't it.

    Wrong. We don't all eat a full English breakfast. Only use black cabs for Taxi's. Go north London or east London to find the better pubs and ultimately a Sunday Roast. Central London for that is rubbish. Everywhere in central London is quite close, you can therefore walk from place to place if you are able. If not hail a black cab and ask the price first.


    Why do tourists when visiting the UK only visit Central London, then they say that they have been to the UK and suddenly they're an expert on UK culture and well they're not. When tourists come to the UK if they visit London don't just stay in Central London, they should visit, North, North West, West, East and South London areas, and also travel outside of London, visit other towns and cities like, Luton, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester to name just a few and until you've been to all these places, then as a tourist you can say I've been to the UK.


    Most Londoners like myself use an Oyster card, some may use their bank card. Most Londoners would have Sunday lunch at home or with family not all Londoners can afford the luxury of a pub lunch especially if you are on a tight budget. If you were to have a full English breakfast everyday you'd be heading for a heart attack. Why don't you make your own coffee at home, you waste your money going to these expensive coffee shops like Costa Coffee (which I nickname Costa Expensive), Pret A Manger and Starbucks which serves you coffee so strong that it could bring a dead body back to life. If you have a flask mug just make the coffee at home and take it with you to work or you could invite friends round to your place for coffee instead of giving your hard earned cash to these greedy corporations for dreadful coffee. McDonalds coffee is just as bad,

  8. Marcel Smit says:

    thank you for your tips, one thing I have to disagree with you is the coffee, I had coffee with Pret, Nero and Starbucks in London, "strong latte" there is not much difference between Starbucks which should be the standard, you know what I hinting at, but guess what: I prefer the coffee from Pret.

  9. Andy says:

    Hello Sunny, can I suggest a wee travel tip that could save Tourists a small fortune ?If traveling long distance on the Trains, always ask for a 2nd Class ticket but, book at least 3 weeks in advance on an Apex Ticket and, once on board the Train and, only when its moving, ask the Ticket Inspector if its possible to upgrade to 1st. Do not do it if the Train is standing on the Platform, only do it when it leaves.You`ll get an upgrade for just a few ££`s more than the cost of your 2nd Class Ticket, saving an awful lot of Money. Not only that, you`ll get a lot of extra legroom and, an endless supply of free Coffee/Tea with Waiter service. You won`t get that in 2nd Class.

  10. Michael Williams says:

    I agree about the coffee, in those commercial chains, and you forgot Starbucks the worst of all, but i disagree the cups being to small, what are you used to? a bucket lol. I dowt that Londoners eat a full English everyday. But i must admit, ive never used a Debit/Credit cart to swipe onto the Tube.

  11. TheRenaissanceman65 says:

    You have to be kidding! I've never eaten a "full English breakfast" on a regular basis. Too many calories, for one thing, and people don't have the time to cook it. As far as I'm concerned it's an occasional treat in a hotel because someone else is cooking it.

    #10 merely indicates that Americans don't look at coffee the same way. Many of us think that American coffee is terrible.

  12. Andy says:

    A wee tip when buying a Caffe Latte, ask for no foam. The Milk is usually only half way up the Cup but, if you ask for no foam, you`ll get a full cup.

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