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  1. Justice Pena says:

    Montreal has been my dream city to visit mainly because it is like 5 hours away from my home city, everything about it, the food, parks, gardens, nightlife and the nice people makes me fascinated to learn about their culture and want to make friends there

  2. Zoltan Attila Elekman says:

    there's nothing cool it's miserable people pretend it's not reality everybody rejoices obviously during the summer days but in general politics suck the economy suck the Young Generation are worthless no Talent no matter how hard you train them

  3. Zoltan Attila Elekman says:

    bat bridge Jacque Cartier is crooked it's not well made they said that they were going to build another Bridge they are so cheap all politicians all escape to run to Florida to run another countries and get fucked by prostitutes

  4. Zoltan Attila Elekman says:

    and there's only 6 good weeks in Montreal the rest is all cold and miserable everybody lives indoors and it's corrupted full of corruption full of Arabs full of Muslims everywhere burkas every corner street stealing problems and malls everywhere incredible

  5. Zoltan Attila Elekman says:

    now we have full of Mexicans Arabs illegal criminals entering the city building ghettos selling drugs everywhere using pretext acting trying to blend with Society to steal to rob their history to destroy their history

  6. Zoltan Attila Elekman says:

    CACA POT HOLES CORRUPTION MAX NOT FRENCH ANYMORE and Montreal is not a Canadian city it's a Quebec City and it belongs to the Indians whole history what we teach is wrong wrong everything is wrong everything is lies!

  7. Milena Vaz says:

    Great video! Made me want to visit Montreal, for sure. And I'd like to compliment Expedia on the awesome soundtrack, too. It really enhances the beauty of the images and sets the right moods. Very inspiring!

  8. David Y says:

    As a Montrealar I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else than here in the summer with all the festivals and good weather…. now if we're talking winter, that's a whole different story 😀

  9. Joe Ghaz says:

    this video is a paid advertising ,wait till you see the amount of the contraction that is taking place here. my advice, get a passport second go anywhere across the Atlantic then enjoy life

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