1. CS77 Smith says:

    The people that work at hotel can break into the safe so i would not use them either. It so simple to break in u would not believe it but it youtube videos on it. My luggage is my safe.

  2. Ben Person says:

    Most of the cheap hotel safes can be opened in under a minute by a roaming scumbag that hits hotel rooms. Plus they have a key to open the safe for the forgetful users.
    Hotels with a big team ( more than just two ) of cleaning ladies are the safest. Human nature says, they will turn each other in to the boss if they see the others stealing. ( but do not take that to the bank, there are exceptions )
    Look at the pro-asian travellers ( mostly men ) they use a day bag for their small laptop and camera.

  3. Sam P says:

    i've been in a lot of rooms where the safe isn't even bolted down…in vietnam, my friend had money stolen out of his stash in the safe. they didn't take the whole stash but they took out a little by little. its better to just leave it in your suitcase and lock it up. unless they have the TSA key too then idk

  4. Fiona R says:

    OMG!!! Thanks you so much for answering my questions. I was overwhelmed when I heard my name. My trip is this month end and I will surely use all of your advise. Just getting a bit nervous. Being all by myself, but I watched your other videos. Thank you for making all those videos. They all give me interested tips that I would use and thanks again for answering my questions. 😊

  5. Global Adventurer says:

    Excellent tips. Of all the times in my life I have never had cleaning service in a hotel/motel. I've always hung out the do not disturb hanger and also told the maids. If I really needed something I would just ask the front desk but 99% of the time I had everything I needed. How many people change their sheets everyday at home? Being a maid is hard work, so if I can help out and give them and the earth a break its a good thing. Wish more people would.

  6. rackstar 1 says:

    did you know that with a lot of insurance policies, if there was a safe available and you didn't use it they won't pay out? I know it's easy to forget things, but I'm just in the habit of checking all the draws, cupboards and under the bed before I leave the room. Regarding the tipping thing, in the UK we don't have the same tipping culture as in the US. It would never cross my mind to tip the hotel cleaning staff, however I have left money on my bed in Thailand, just because I know how little they get paid. I guess the same could be said for most chamber maids, but it doesn't seem the done thing here.

  7. A Graham says:

    Check windows! More than ½ of the hotels I've stayed at had unlocked windows.

    I also use the Do Not Disturb sign

    I keep my items out in full view as well.

    Our safe malfunctioned in Thailand. They came to our room, checked my id and we reset the code. It was logged in a book. It's easy to reset a safe!

  8. Ettianne Anshin says:

    I also have had a few fabulous experiences with hotel staff & owners of the places I've stayed. In some cases it would have been really uncomfortable for me to not interact and I would have missed out on some of my most memorable experiences of my life. Be safe just don't over think things if you are in that boat perhaps go on a package tour.

  9. Ettianne Anshin says:

    I use safes all the time. It's one of must haves when booking never had any problems. I have had few experiences with pick pocketing. I few safer leaving some things in the safe than carrying them in crowded streets.

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