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  1. thriveni saidam says:

    Thanks a lot for this helpful information!

    I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in life and the result is that , all used to make fun of me and i was called almost a looser!

    luckily, one of colleague introduced me to "listall" mobile app by lokesh which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life. 

    Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I cant believe it

  2. Christine Uberti says:

    I once saw a man neatly fold his suit jacket and lay it out carefully in the overhead bin.  On the 'floor' of the overhead bin.  Did he really think people would respect that space?  Or even see the jacket?

  3. Kendra Kroll says:

    hi Justine — such FUN, girl! ha! love ya. tell it like it is. OK..so you asked. here's my tip (sounds crazy but makes a ton of sense)…wear your money, cards, ID, tampon (etc) on your leg. seriously. every day. be smart…not sorry. and lose the worry…not your stuff. See me and you'll know how. portapocket (dot) com ♥ (p.s. can also be used ANYwhere on yourself… thigh, calf, ankle, arm, waist, hip, etc…under or over your outfit. smart people talk to me…) xox

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