Morocco Vacation Travel Video Guide

38 thoughts on “Morocco Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. Marcus G says:

    Do not fly with Royal Air Maroc! When I arrived to Casablanca on December 29th 2016 my checked bag with all of my clothes and gift i purchase was lost. I purchased a new bag , new clothes and gifts and when I arrived January 8th the 2nd check bag was lost also. I was not given any voucher or credit to help me throughout the duration of my trip . I have to purchase a third bag and set of clothes and gifts . I am very disappointed with the customer service that I have recieved from Royal Air Maroc. My vacation has been completely ruined because of this

  2. Kristina Welch says:

    I absolutely love and miss Morocco. I visited about 5 years ago, I have an old 'homemade' movie I made of my visit on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested. I have GOT to find a way to go visit again soon <3

  3. Gabriella linguerri says:

    Bello questo video sullo Stato del Marocco con le sue musiche appropriate x ogni sua citta' che si sta visitando virtualmente, come invito a quei suoi stati confinanti che si trovano in guerra a ritrovare un punto d'accordo per la tanto sospirata pace.

  4. Montem Adventure Productions says:

    A great video about a beautiful country! 🙂
    We went to Morocco in january to make an adventure tutorial about Mt. Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains. Check it out on our channel and get the full experience of climbing the highest peak in North Africa 🙂 Best regards from Copenhagen

  5. Amir amid says:

    Morocco is one of the best place you can relax your mind and your soul and your body  , it is country when u feel like you are living in the ancient  time and at the same time 2014 due to Modernism and conservatism at the same time , Morocco is a country where  you can enjoy mountainous  tourism , beaches , desert . it a place where u can enjoy Mediterranean  water and atlantic ocean water , lakes and rivers , the food is awesome , enjoy ur trip if u planning to visit , great experience , but don't stay just in the big cities .

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