1. A Heaven says:

    I had to hold my belly I was laughing so much! I can't believe you guys tried all those candy at the same time! I agree the dulce de leche was not a favorite of mine either. The music and white clothing comes from traditions from Africa. We are a mix between Taino Indians, African costumes but also our ancestors are from Spain and United Kingdom who migrated to Puerto Rico. I met Roberto Clemente as a child but he passed away in an airplane crash shortly after. I am also related to a pirate that did a lot of bad things and was very famous to this day, El Pirata Cofresi. You can google his name and it will tell you his life story. Thank You for the lovely prayer. This is extremely painful to have. They fused my lumbar L4 and L5. Now I have to carry a card with me because if I travel I might beep! Lol! Thank you all for your prayers and thinking about me. It means so much.I hope no one gets any cavites on my behalf!!!! 🙂

  2. Christian Adventure Films says:

    That was a fun episode to watch!!! Prayers to Arlene and many thanks for her sharing such a fun box of info & sweets with you. Matt actually guessed 2M population. I am going to say that at some point Truman got a tad bit of a sugar rush……ha ha ha. Hello Kona!!! I live the ocean and I am looking forward to seeing your next videos. Jen

  3. Roz Smith says:

    Living on the east coast, outside of Philadelphia, I've had the opportunity to experience many Hispanic goodies. My favorites ( also had them when I visited Puerto Rico) are plantain chips and yucca chips! You can get them in any Spanish section of a supermarket, most likely. They are simply flash-fried and lightly salted, and come in cellophane bags. Yum!

  4. the crafty preschooler says:

    How sweet was that, Miss Arlene we are lifting. up your name in prayer here in Canada. Mathew chapter 7 vs 7 ask and it shall be given into you, week and you shall find, knock and the door shall opened unto you. Praying for a spreading healing and peace and rest.
    stay sweet Walker family

  5. Nita F says:

    Mi hermana Arlene, praying for you to recover fast. the white clothes comes from the tradition of Africa. bomba was one of the things that came from the African slaves that were brought over to Puerto Rico by the spaneils and they use white clothes in our tradition dances. they actually have african religious meaning, historically but over time loss their religious meaning and just have a cultural meaning to it. those are representations of our African roots. I was born in New York City but I was raised in Puerto Rico in the country so I ate all those snacks they are so yummy. I'm so happy my boys got to experience my culture thank you Arlene for sharing that with them and the walkers for opening their hearts to learning about another culture. Of course i feel special because its mine lol. Arlene, prayer Works had a really bad ear infection and asked the walkers for prayer. the side of my face was swollen from the infection was so bad, but God open the doors and i feel. truman, we do have a baseball team as well as an Olympic baseball team. Siobhan, if you want to learn more about puerto rican food check out the you tuber Sweets and Beyond she is excellent!

  6. Tyler Clemens says:

    Since you are in Oregon you should check out the Seattle Aquarium. It Looks super cool. They do research on the 6 gilled shark. The Shark is huge and normally at deep sea but they come up to the 20 foot deep water in Puget Sound Seattle. KCTS 9 public TV, did a blog on the shark.

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