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  1. jaquelinepoca10 says:

    Rio de Janeiro, foi marcante. Foi lá que fiz o meu pré casamento na casa da Suiça. Casei com alemão e passamos uma semana no Rio. Ficamos em um hotel em Copacabana mas, não gostamos do hotel Othon , era muito velho, tinha muito mofo, então preferimos ir para o IBIS dentro do aeroporto.

  2. Matheus Ottaviano says:

    Ai você é do Rio, e nem conhece sua própria cidade. Triste, sempre achamos o quintal do vizinho melhor. Brasil tendo vários problemas, não podemos apagar a nossa cultura e paisagens lindas!!!! PROUD TO BE BRAZILIAN <3

  3. humberto celli says:

    I am a Journalist went to this place, worst experience ever. Even after security measures got robbed and almost killed, there is cero public policies to take care of tourism even in famous areas. Just found one cool mate whom help me out during my stay. If you are going alone don't even think about it, nothing much to do. I felt terrible my advise just trust your instincts, keep your embassy numbers ready on mobile. From the Southern region of the Americas this is the worst option. Much better Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo. Be aware of frauds if you are paying with cards, they are using dark devices to clone cards.

  4. A. Wesson says:

    I used to love the mornings. I would walk up to the beach, grabbing a few paozinhos on the way, fresh from the oven, then sit and wait for the sun. Copacabana is the most beautiful place I have ever seen or lived in.

  5. TRAVELZILLA says:

    I Love this video, but EXPEDIAAAAAAAAAAAAA this music at the begining and at the END is so wrong! SALSA? Really? It gets better towards the middle of the video though, when you actually play something closer to Rio's music. Great video, I've been to 57 countries. The more I travel, the more I realize how Rio really is one of the world's top 5 most beautiful cities. No top 5 is complete if Rio!

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