Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit! +My Carry on essentials

36 thoughts on “Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit! +My Carry on essentials

  1. Khadeja Jomaa says:

    Hi Bethany, although most of your subtitles are correct there are a few noticeable mistakes that make it hard for people who rely on captions to understand the video. So first of all, when you're referring to your keek account it comes up as key instead, and account comes out as key count. Another mistake is when you say germs, the caption really says jar. Next, when you mention your lip salve, it comes out as lips out. Also, pore strips in the subtitles is written as poor strips. When you’re saying for my hair it is written as firmer hair. Also, this is a really confusing one; when you say Converse it comes out as Congress. Lastly, some of the lyrics of songs come up in the subtitles which can be kind of confusing, so maybe put that music is playing instead of the lyrics being written out. Thanks!

  2. Comment says:

    The amount of times I've watched this video is ridiculous. I watch it every time I go on holiday and it never gets old. I also squeal "keek account" at the same time as her πŸ˜‚

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