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  3. Jacques Merdkhanian says:

    Realy enjoyed the video, well explained, amazing, thank you. A Lebanese from Los Angeles myself. I have traveled places that no one goes cause I've never listened to the media, thank god I didn't. Will visit Beirut again next year in June.

  4. callum nevitt says:

    How many refugees has the US taken in from Syria since 2015?
    The United States is approximately 40 times the size of the United Kingdom. Of the fifty states, there are exactly eleven that are large enough to house the entire area of the United Kingdom at least once.

    I was just getting in to this travel guide before the cheap dig aimed at the U.K (NOT)

  5. M says:

    Why should the UK take in more refugees from Syria? It's obviously better to help them in their own lands like Lebanon has. More immigration into Europe from the middle east has unfortunately meant more terrorism, so stop trying to shame the UK into taking middle east immigrants fleeing from their religious wars. I was enjoying the video until you said that comment about the UK only taking 10'000. Our population has gone up by 5 millions in 10 years because of mass immigration from all over the world you idiot.

  6. Richard Yacob says:

    Beirut is a great city. Actually it is my favorite. But one note please I did not think Beirut needs the exaggeration of the lady in the video. Beirut summer is hot and it can get terrible . I had lived there many years and have relatives still there. And a question about Fava beans cost vs Chick( garbanzo) beans. As far as I know it is that Fava that costs more. Go and get Fresh fava and then buy a Kilo of Chick beans and compare.
    Beirut is great without making up any stories about it.

  7. nigggggsF says:

    I am going to Beirut in 2 days and I cannot WAIT to explore this magical city. Yes — all of my friends, family, colleagues have questions, but I'm about to prove them wrong :D!

  8. Josh Zakary says:

    Falafel is one of those dishes that Europe and America never really got right. I would go to places back home where they would fry the falafel that morning, keep it in a container all day, then microwave it when ordered. A travesty! Falafel needs to be fried right there in front of you, or at least a few minutes before, so it still has the crunch/soft texture. In Iraq I would order Falafel just almost every day, and I never got sick of it. 🙂

  9. Sami Bakhour says:

    As a Lebanese, I felt so proud watching this episode. From the perspective view of an expat, this amazing guy described Beirut as a beautiful city like no other, he made it straight to the point. I understand your frustration at the beginning when you first came due to the chaos available there but then after you have seen the generosity and welcoming of Lebanese, you felt more comfortable and you understood what Beirut really is. I am so happy that there are still some good people in this world like you.
    Thank you very much for this beautiful video, hope to see you one day.

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