32 thoughts on “Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands travel destination

  1. Jenn Eckelman says:

    ironic they don't mention bikini atoll was the nuclear testing ground for the united states. The united stated performed 23 nuclear tests which ruined peoples lives as well as destroying the ecosystem. Now, we want to profit from the islands? god bless the ignorant soul. 🙁 it breaks my heart to see this…

  2. Alireza Yami says:

    10:26 Looks like coconut crab is still alive!!  🙁
    Anyway, I cannot even imagine living in such a remote place for years and whenever I need something, I have to buy it online, pay whopping extra for shipping overseas and wait forever to get it and never ever can return due to return shipping fees. Of course IF sellers ship their merchandise overseas. Most of them even do not ship to AL, PR, HI, VI.

  3. Stellarch says:

    I wouldn't have thought that Bikini was open to diving. There's still some radioactivity out there. The H Bomb aka Thermonuclear Bomb was born there. The Castle Bravo test in February 1954 ( expected to be 5 MT and turned out to be 15 MT, that is a thousand times Hiroshima ) left a massive hole in the atoll 2 km wide and 60 meters deep. This part of bikini atoll was vaporized and where there was land now there's the sea.

    Plus there are tons of sunken ships ( German, Japanese and US boats ) at the bottom of the lagoon as the result of underwater atomic tests to see how military boats would hold when a nuke was detonated below the water ( Operation Crossroads, Baker Shot in July 1946 ).

    Most of the radioactivity is gone but there's still some left. I would like to visit the place though 🙂

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