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31 thoughts on “Vienna Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Ivaylo Aleksandrov says:

    I was there one year ago and i am in love with this city.This is amazing city. Especially the Shionbrun palace.Unfortanetly i was not went into the palace and i am sorry now for this.And i was in the zoo.The zoo is the oldest in the world.This is the first zoo in the world.But anything i can say about this city will be not enough.

  2. Jack Frost says:

    Just came back from Vienna yesterday!! Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful city. I just thought I'd re-live the city by watching this video. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Thank you. Danke!

  3. Jericho Cua says:

    I was in Vienna last summer of 2015 and I failed to visit some historical sites…. I will comeback on October this year before heading to Salzburg.. Thanks Expedia for this Travel Guide….I found out that I missed a lot…. See you soon Vienna!!

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