Travel Tips: Etsy finds for Travel Documents

27 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Etsy finds for Travel Documents

  1. Carol Taylor says:

    l have traveled overseas thrice now and am always looking for travel tips that will make traveling easier…you should have seen me last trip after 6 weeks and two different continents…not pretty and for my next trip l am going to study travel tips that will allow me to pack less, cover more and see more…

  2. Osca Alva says:

    iv been using my gucci man bag for over 20 years for travel its been eveywhere
    still looks like new just a bit worn even better broken in like a nice italian sports car..

  3. wontondestructxn says:

    I always use a document size ziploc bag.  It's cheap, waterproof, and if I put the document I'm going to use at the top, I can read it through the plastic, so I don't have to open it.  It's also a good place to keep receipts and other pieces of paper you collect during your trip.

  4. JG808 says:

    Awesome channel! Where do you keep your documents when you're at your destination? In the past I've been to hotels that didn't have a safe in the room, so I carried them with me. That made me nervous to lose them, but I felt more nervous keeping them in the room. Any tips?

  5. Jame Rose says:

    I`m going to northern Germany around September. I know Germany weather is unpredictable, even more so around that time. Can you do a video on how to pack for unpredictable weather?

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