Darjeeling, India – Travel Guide and Attractions

32 thoughts on “Darjeeling, India – Travel Guide and Attractions

  1. AMAN TAMANG says:

    Darjeeling is for nepalese only not for Bengal n I m frm darjeeling I dnt want to Make darjeeling the part of West Bengal fucked up West Bengal n darjeeling Will be the 30 state of india n it Will be gorkhaland

  2. KOAN ! says:

    to all the people who say darjeeling is a part of nepal..well nepal was a part of india once..just like budhism comes from hinduism..iam not tryna brag about my religion or country iam just telling its all ours or none..and yeah i follow no religion no race no hatered… all are equals to me

  3. TheGamingIndian says:

    I see the East India Company did its job really well. We seem to still be fighting among one another over what belongs where ad to whom instead of trying to unite.
    All hail the once mighty East India Company!

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