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24 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS FOR CHINA | China Travel Essentials

  1. Q Jessie says:

    In China every big city looks nearly the same. Beijing and xi'an are good for history. go west if you want sight seeing, like gansu, qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan…. only language will be a problem.

  2. Edgy Koala says:

    this is what happens when you listen to female travellers for advice. Just look at the watch on that clueless girl and tell me she isnt a fking poster girl to get robbed in an american city. All she taught me is that how to be pretencious and uninformed about smart travel on a budget. EDIT do us all a favor and wear a bra . she is obviously a butch lesbo

  3. The Wanderess Adventure says:

    Great video. I was recently in China for a little over 10 days and visited Beijing, Shanghai, Zhouzhong and it was quite the experience. I mentally was not prepared for the culture that was so rushed, rude and ….. I will have to go back before my 10 year visa expires when I develop a little more patience. Lol and I caught your face when that man sneezed yeah lol a lot of that.

  4. Kerry Fendley says:

    Thank you for giving so much to us. I reflect on the comments of how tired you look/are. I just hope that us viewers are making it worthwhile, for you giving us so much. Safe travels, much love and happiness to you! You are so appreciated!

  5. Wayne Samuel says:

    Well it's about time we get to see some of your China video collection. I was taken back by that rat or cat comment. Maybe it's tongue in cheek. I guess China would be the perfect place for me to start a diet.

  6. PatMax Adventures says:

    Thank you for this video Christine! I travled in China for three weeks in Bejing, Xian, Gulin and Shangahi back in 2012. I loved China and the people there. Your friends tips are definitely helpful for first time travlers to China. She is totally right about Wechat! China is all about Wechat, Korea is Kakao, Malaysia is all about Whatsapp and Thailand seems to really love LINE. Interesting how each country has their own means of communicating haha.

  7. Soniboy84 says:

    Christine, you have to have a good rest, you looked really tired! Thank you for the great video, we have also plans to get to China, so it'll be really useful!

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