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  1. Aroop Bose says:

    I visited Singapore early this year and it was a nice experience. It used to rain a little every day which cooled the temperatures,
    so it was quite pleasant. I shot some videos there which I started posting on my YouTube channel. However I wish I had seen your videos before going to Singapore I would have been better informed, I stumbled upon them after returning from my trip. Now that I am preparing for my next trip I have begun watching your videos.

  2. Just Me says:

    I love your fun sarcasm….we are looking for an Asian destination to fly to while we are visiting the Philippines….last year we hit Thailand…I think Singapore is our next stop…thanks to your videos….thanks!

  3. mhp1 says:

    Hi. Thanks so much for your videos. Am planning to be in Singapore for two days (post cruise) in a couple of weeks and your videos are gold! Will definitely be visiting the hawker at Lau Pa Sat (sp?) and many other recommendations. Very informative…and funny 🙂

  4. jimmy lee says:

    Hi Chris, I enjoyed your video tremendously. The information is very accurate for anyone who wants to visit my country. Yes, Singapore is no doubt hot and humid. But compared to many equatorial regions in the world, Singapore is not exactly that hot. Being a small and green island city state, the sea breezes and maritime effect cool the sunny island down quite a fair bit. all year round. Singapore is very safe, clean and well-connected. Welcome !!!

  5. Christian Koncz says:

    Gotta agree. I loved living in Singapore for over 2 years, but the heat was killing me. It didn't help that I lived in an un-airconditioned HDB flat for most of that time. Thankfully my work schedule was 2-10 pm so I managed to escape the worst of the heat during the day and evenings and mornings were fine. I know a lot of people criticize Singapore for those hundreds of airconditioned malls, but you really do appreciate them as a way of escaping the heat and humidity. I was surprised though that you left out many of the historic sights that would interest a culture vulture and history buff such as myself. The Raffles Hotel, Asian Civilizations Museum, National Museum and the Peranakan Museum are all a must in my view, otherwise you'll have little chance of understanding how Singapore's unique culture came about.

  6. Deb Chancy says:

    Do not support this place controlled by the barbaric one party that oppresses its' people and continues is Human Rights violations. Males are (and have been for decades) tortured in the prisons with beatings by paid perverted sadistic barbarians trained on how to inflict injury and pain to the human body. There are many beautiful places in Asia go there instead and STAY AWAY from a place such as this.

  7. Rene Ng says:

    Very good information about Singapore. To learn about this country its
    good to learn how the locals live , work and play. Visit the three
    local enclave namely chinatown, little india and kampong glam. These are
    the areas of conservation where the early Chinese , Indians and malays
    used to live. Don't forget to visit the famous hawker centre where the
    entire nation feeds on. Most people eat out throughout the day here. I
    highly recommend the chicken rice at Tian Tian Chicken rice stall at
    Maxwell hawker centre. Urguably the national dish of Singapore.

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