24 thoughts on “Travel Fitness Tips: How to Stay Healthy While Travelling | #TeamTelus

  1. Scott Asai says:

    You know this already, but the way you feel physically has a tremendous effect on how you perform mentally. You nailed it with the routine – if you don't have one, create one. That's interesting about the gym. I'm just the opposite (although I do like a "brainless" workout every once in a while like playing basketball). I like going to the gym (mornings) to do my workout there, get dirty then come back ready to work. I'm biased, but I think athletes (amateur to professional) translate their work ethic off the "court" to the office seamlessly. You're a perfect example of that.

  2. Jess Creatives says:

    Digital trainers, YES! My personal trainer trains me through an app, so it makes it super easy to keep the routine. If we're road-tripping, we'll pack our own food for the trip, instead of stopping along the way for fast food. If we fly, we try to go to a grocery store and get snacks and stuff πŸ™‚

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